This show debuted in the Fall of 2007, and follows a nerdy guy named Chuck, who has inadvertently become a walking database of government secrets. Guarded/annoyed by NSA agent John Casey and CIA agent/love interest Sarah Walker, he struggles to integrate his secret life as a spy with his day job as supervisor of the Nerd Herd tech support at the local Buy More. Clever, well-written, a paean to geek love.


Pilot – Chuck Bartowski, slacker and chief Nerd at Buy More, opens an email from an old college friend and receives a data dump of secret government files directly to his brain. CIA Agent Sarah Walker and NSA Agent John Casey are assigned to either kill him or debrief him. Air date September 24, 2007.

Chuck vs. the Helicopter – A doctor who might be able to download the secrets from Chuck’s brain and free him of his entanglement with the CIA/NSA is mysteriously murdered, and the evidence points to the culprit being one of his handlers. Meanwhile, Chuck’s faux relationship with Sarah is strained when his sister, Ellie, invites the spy to dinner. Air date October 1, 2007.

Chuck vs. the Tango – Assigned to an art auction to flush out an international arms dealer, Chuck not only has to wear a tuxedo but learn to dance the tango. Meanwhile, an opening for an assistant manager at Buy More opens up, and Chuck ponders his future. Air date October 8, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Wookie – An alluring spy, Corinna, is in town to steal a diamond back from a thief/arms dealer, and to renew an old rivalry with Sarah. She decides that one way to gain points is to lure Chuck away from his pretend girlfriend. Air date October 15, 2007

Chuck vs. The Sizzling Shrimp – Chuck goes on his first stakeout, but his bumbling lands him in a moral dilemma. Morgan’s future at Buy More is threatened when he places last in a sales competition. Air date October 22, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Sandworm – When a young genius on the run from the government appeals to Chuck, Chuck senses a kindred spirit and agrees to help, even if it puts him at odds with Sarah and John. Morgan gets a makeover and a treasured Halloween costume tradition is threatened. Air date October 29, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Alma Mater – Chuck returns to Stanford to help a former professor and confronts some painful memories. Airdate November 5, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Truth – A terrorist using truth serum to extract nuclear passwords doses Chuck, Sarah and Casey with enough of the drug to force them to tell the truth, with emotionally painful consequences for Chuck. Airdate November 12, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Imported Hard Salami – Chuck tries to keep his new girlfriend, Lou, out of his secret spy life, but when he learns she is involved with smugglers he is forced to spy on her. A long-buried secret comes back to haunt Casey and Sarah. Airdate November 19, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Nemesis – Chuck’s old nemesis comes back from the dead, throwing the delicate relationship between Chuck and Sarah into disarray. Morgan has to prepare the Nerd Herd for the busiest shopping day of the year. Airdate November 26, 2007.

Chuck vs. The Crown Vic – Chuck flashes on a counterfeiting ring with ties to Morgan’s girlfriend Anna, and Casey sacrifices a beloved relic for the mission. Airdate 3 December 2007.

Chuck vs. The Undercover Lover – Casey is astonished when an old lover he thought was dead turns up in a Russian gangster’s entourage. Airdate 24 January 2008.

Chuck vs. The Marlin – Chuck’s cover may have been blown, and while Sarah and Casey try to find the spy sent to find him, Chuck must rescue his sister’s engagement ring. Airdate 24 January 2008. Season Finale


Chuck vs The First Date – Season two premiere. The imminent deployment of a new Intersect means Chuck is free to ask Sarah out, and Casey gets orders to kill. Airdate September 29, 2008.

Chuck vs. The Seduction – To recover a vital piece of the new Intersect, Chuck is ordered to seduce a notorious spy. He calls on the legendary Roan Montgomery, super spy and super lover, for some tutoring. Airdate October 6, 2008.

Chuck vs. The Breakup – To recover part of the Cypher, Bryce and Sarah go undercover as newlyweds, and Chuck is forced to decide between his fake relationship with Sarah and his real feelings. – Airdate 13 October 2008.

Chuck vs. The Cougars – Chuck learns more about Sarah Walker when an old high school nemesis of hers recognizes her. A trip to her high school reunion is then in order. Airdate 20 October 2008.

Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer – A hitman comes looking for Jeff in the Buy More, and Chuck must bond with his fellow employee over video games to save the world. Airdate 27 October 2008.

Chuck vs. The Ex – Chuck’s worst nightmare comes true when his old girlfriend from Stanford, Jill, walks back into his life–and into his secret agent mission as well. Airdate 10 November 2008

Chuck vs. The Fat Lady – Chuck tries to reconnect with old girlfriend Jill Roberts just as Sarah and casey work to find and decrypt a file containing the names of Fulcrum agents. Meanwhile, new Buy More assistant manager Emmet is determined to find out Chuck’s “secret”. Airdate 17 November 2008

Chuck vs. The Gravitron – Chuck gets bad news about girlfriend Jill, Ellie frets over Thanksgiving dinner with her in-laws-to-be, and the Buy More braces for a security threat. Airdate 24 November 2008.

Chuck vs. The Sensei – Casey’s former sensei goes rogue, and Ellie must deal with her intrusive in-laws-to-be as she plans her wedding. Airdate 1 December 2008

Chuck vs. The Delorean – When Morgan blows some loan money on an antique DeLorean, Chuck tries to help him get it back. Airdate 8 December 2008.

Chuck vs. Santa Claus – A gunman takes the BuyMore crew hostage. Airdate 15 December 2008.

Chuck vs. The Third Dimension – When a rock star is targeted by assassins, Chuck finds himself on guard duty as Casey and Sarah try to track down the killer. Meanwhile, the competition for backstage tickets to the rock star’s concert forces a showdown between Buy More employees. Airdate 2 February 2009.

Chuck vs. The Suburbs – Chuck and Sarah go undercover, posing as a married couple, to discover what happened to an agent whose stint in a suburb neighborhood drove him insane. Meanwhile, the BuyMorons try to set Big Mike up with an e-date. Airdate 16 February 2009

Chuck vs. The Best Friend – When Morgan’s ex, Anna Wu, hooks up with a shady car dealer with ties to overseas smugglers, Chuck must choose between his spy job and his loyalty to his best friend. Airdate 23 February 2009

Chuck vs. The Beefcake – Chuck, Casey and Sarah team up with a dashing British spy to thwart a Fulcrum plot, but Chuck is uneasy at the obvious attraction between the Brit and Sarah. Meanwhile, the BuyMorons launch a casting call for the Buy More Babe, and Morgan temporarily moves in with Ellie and Awesome. Airdate 2 March 2009.

Chuck vs. The Lethal Weapon – An MI6 agent teams up with Chuck, Casey and Sarah to track down a scientist who may have built the Intersect, and may be able to remove it from Chuck’s head. Meanwhile, Morgan agonizes over whether to move in with Anna or not. Airdate 9 March 2009.

Chuck vs. The Predator – Orion contacts Chuck–but is he trying to help Chuck or kill him? Meanwhile, the Buy More gets into a civil war with a rival branch. Airdate 23 March 2009.

Chuck vs. The Broken Heart – General Beckman sends a new agent to assess Sarah’s relationship with Chuck. Morgan, Jeff, and Lester use any and all means to crash Awesome’s bachelor party. Airdte 30 March 2009.

Chuck vs. The Dream Job – Chuck tracks down his long-lost father and gets a job working for one of his idols, not knowing what the job has in store for him. Airdate 6 April 2009.

Chuck vs. The First Kill – To locate his father, Chuck must trust someone who has betrayed him in the past, and the Buy More crew scramble to head off Emmett’s evaluations. Airdate 13 April 2009.

Chuck vs. The Colonel – Casey is ordered to pursue Chuck and Sarah, who have gone rogue. Morgan’s screw-up makes him Public Enemy #1 among the Buy Morons. Airdate 20 April 2009.

Chuck vs. The Ring – Season Two finale. Fulcrum threatens Elllie on her wedding day, and Chuck must find a way to save her and their father. Airdate 27 April 2009.


Chuck vs. the Pink Slip – Chuck flunks spy school and disappoints Sarah in more ways than one. Airdate 10 January 2010

Chuck vs. the Three Words – Sarah’s pal Carina returns with her fiance, who is actually a hitman. Morgan tells an elaborate lie to gain her attention, and at the last minute Sarah and Chuck must rescue him. Airdate 10 January 2010.

Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte – A dictator is the target of an assassin, and Chuck needs his brother-in-law Awesome’s help to protect him. Airdate 11 January 2010.

Chuck vs. Operation Awesome – When Chuck’s brother-in-law Awesome is mistaken for a spy, Chuck must become his “handler” to capture a Ring operative. Meanwhile, a new operative is introduced to the Castle. Airdate 18 January 2010.

Chuck vs. First Class – On his first solo mission, Chuck is on a flight to Paris when he flashes on an onboard assassin. Airdate 25 January 2010.

Chuck vs. the Nacho Sampler – Chuck gets his own “asset” to handle, but finds that it’s a bigger task than he thought. Airdate 1 February 2010.

Chuck vs. the Mask – Chuck takes Hannah on a “mission” which turns into a real mission. Morgan and Ellie team up to spy on Chuck. Sarah confronts Shaw on his attitude towards her. Airdate 8 February 2010

Chuck vs. the Fake Name – Chuck has to pose as an assassin to find out his target, and Shaw and Sarah grow closer together. Airdate 1 March 2010.

Chuck vs. the Beard – When the Ring invades the Buy More, both the store personnel and the spies are threatened with destruction. Chuck must decide whether to reveal his secret. Airdate 8 March 2010.

Chuck vs. the Tic Tac – John Casey’s old colonel tries to recruit him to the Dark Side, and he lands in jail on a charge of treason. Will Chuck and Sarah be able to rescue him? Airdate 15 March 2010.

Chuck vs. the Final Exam – The day has finally arrived: Shaw tells Chuck it’s time for his final exam for his spy training. If he passes, he will be a full fledged operative. But in order to pass, he may have to give up what he really is — a good guy. Airdate 22 March 2010.

Chuck vs. the American Hero – Daniel Shaw volunteers for what may be a suicide mission; when Chuck must pick a partner for a rescue mission, Devon, Casey and Morgan all team up to make sure he picks Sarah. Airdate 29 March 2010.

Chuck vs. the Other Guy – Morgan, now aware of Chuck’s secret life, decides he must quit the Buy More. Chuck, Sarah and Shaw go undercover to ferret out who killed Shaw’s wife. Chuck and Sarah finally come to a resolution of their relationship–for this week, anyway. Airdate 5 April 2010.

Chuck vs. the Honeymooners – When Chuck and Sarah run into trouble on a European train, they call for backup — Casey and Morgan. Airdate 26 April 2010.

Chuck vs. the Role Models – General Beckman orders Chuck and Sarah to train with a famous CIA “spy couple”, and orders Casey to train Morgan as a spy. Airdate 3 May 2010.

Chuck vs. the Tooth – Chuck is not only having nightmares, no one believes him when he says that nightmares are warning him of an upcoming assassination. He winds up in a mental ward, and only Sarah and Casey can spring him. Airdate 10 May 2010

Chuck vs. the Living Dead – When Chuck uploads the new Intersect, his father returns and puts all of them in danger. Airdate 17 May 2010

Chuck vs. The Subway – Chuck’s father works on a governor for the Intersect and Chuck discovers that Shaw is not as dead as Chuck thought he was. Airdate 24 May 2010

Chuck vs. the Ring: Part II – Chuck’s flashes may be endangering his mental health; Ellie and Awesome team up to trap the Ring. Airdate 24 May 2010


Chuck vs. the Anniversary – Chuck asks for Morgan’s help to find his mother; Sarah and Casey infiltrate a mysterious Russian mob. Airdate 20 September 2010

Chuck vs. the Suitcase – While Chuck and Sarah work out some intimacy issues, the team goes to Milan for fashion week to find a high-tech weapon. Because all arms dealers go to fashion shows, right? Airdate 27 September 2010

Chuck vs. the Cubic Z – Big Mike returns with a new attitude and a surprise for Morgan; Chuck and Sarah confront two spies they once put away who have now escaped. Airdate 4 October 2010

Chuck vs. the Coup D’Etat – Chuck, Sarah, Ellie and Devon are given a free vacation in Costa Gravas, but their fun is interrupted by guerrilla activity. Airdate 11 October 2010

Chuck vs. the Couch Lock – Casey’s old combat unit come looking for him–and not with any ideas about a joyful reunion. Airdate 18 September 2010

Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror – A mad yet oddly familiar looking mad scientist threatens to sell a nightmare-inducing toxic gas unless Chuck can stop him first. Airdate 25 October 2010

Chuck vs. the First Fight – Sarah and Chuck have their first fight, and everyone has advice. Meanwhile, Chuck finds ties between a Russian mob and his mother. Airdate 1 November 2010

Chuck vs. the Fear of Death – Chuck has lost the ability to flash; will a CIA shrink’s “fear therapy” bring it back? Airdate 15 November 2010

Chuck vs. Phase Three – Sarah goes on a personal mission while hiding out from spies seeking the Intersect. Devon and Ellie discover a disturbing family secret. Airdate 22 November 2010

Chuck vs. The Balcony – Chuck takes advantage of a mission to romantic France to try to propose to Sarah. Airdate 17 January 2011.

Chuck vs. The Gobbler – Has Sarah crossed over to the Dark Side? Chuck has faith, but General Beckman isn’t so sure after Sarah breaks a Volkoff associate out of prison. Airdate 24 January 2011.

Chuck vs. The Push Mix – Chuck and Morgan take on Alexei Volkoff, while Sarah tries to rescue Mama Bartowski. And things are reaching a crisis in the Awesome household as Ellie nears her due date. Airdate 31 January 2011.

Chuck vs. The Seduction Impossible – Roan Montgomery, master seducer, returns as the team tries to rescue him from a counterfeiter in Morocco. Airdate 7 February 2011.

Chuck vs. the Cat Squad – Chuck wants Sarah to have her friends around her at the wedding, but her “friends” turn out to be more than he can handle. Airdate 14 February 2011.

Chuck vs. The Masquerade – Chuck and the team must rescue an innocent woman from one of Volkoff’s assassins – but the woman is not what they expected. Awesome and Ellie cope with the strains of new parenthood. Airdate 21 February 2011.

Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil – Vivian joins Chuck and Sarah on a bank robbery — or does she have plans of her own? Morgan searches for a new place to live. Airdate 28 February 2011.

Chuck vs. The A-Team Sarah is aghast to learn that there’s a new team in town, and Casey has joined it. Meanwhile, Ellie is going stir-crazy as a new mom. Airdate 14 March 2011.

Chuck vs. The Muuurder – A test sessions for new Intercept candidates turns deadly when a murder is locked into the Castle. Airdate 21 March 2011

Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff – The CIA targets Vivian Volkoff for assassination, but Chuck is convinced she’s innocent. He enlists the aid of Alexei Volkoff, against the CIA’s wishes. Airdate 11 April 2011

Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner – Conned out of their wedding money by a bunco artists, Sarah and Chuck draw on the resources of the CIA and Sarah’s father to recover the money. Airdate 18 April 2011

Chuck vs. Agent X – Awesome’s plans for a bachelor party for Chuck go awry when he accidentally brings Stephen Bartowski’s computer along. Airdate 2 May 2011

Chuck vs. The Last Details – Chuck and Team Bartowski find they must rescue Chuck’s mother before the wedding, but Vivian Volkoff chooses the rehearsal dinner to exact a terrible revenge. Airdate 9 May 2011

Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger – To save Sarah’s life, Chuck goes after the Volkoff organization, and finds himself with a very surprising ally. Airdate 16 May 2011


Chuck vs. the Zoom – Chuck and the team must adjust to the new Intersect – Morgan – at the same time they are trying to get their new spy-for-hire business off the ground. Airdate 28 October 2011

Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit – Sarah asks Chuck to be Morgan’s handler, but Morgan doesn’t think he needs one. Airdate 4 November 2011.

Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips – Morgan’s changing attitude concerns Chuck, while Casey tries to renew an old acquaintance. Airdate 11 November 2011.

Chuck vs. the Business Trip – A BuyMore convention becomes the site of an in-house op as Sarah and Chuck try to foil an assassin. Airdate 18 November 2011.