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The X-Files: “Home Again”

This may be the finest hour of The X-Files that Glen Morgan ever wrote, and that’s saying a lot. Layer on layer of meaning, a rich tiramisu of a story that gives us the blend of horror, pathos and poignancy he does so very well.

The X-Files: “Soft Light”

I’m not sure how this review never got posted; I wrote it back in 1995 but found recently that it never got put up. So here, in honor of Throwback Thursday, is my 1995 review of the episode Season 2 episode, “Soft Light”. The Dark Half Written by Vince Gilligan Directed by James Contner The Greek hero Theseus, just to show he could do it, boasted that he could steal the Queen of Hell out from under Hades’ nose.  Instead, he found himself stuck in a Chair of Oblivion, unable to move, helpless and aware, a proud man brought low…