Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman

This show debuted in the Fall of 2007, and follows a San Francisco bartender named Jaime Sommers, who is seriously crippled in a car wreck. Her surgeon lover puts her back together, with bionic prostheses for her eye, ear, and both legs. Jaime must now learn how to use her bionic powers and integrate them into her life.

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Pilot – When a car crash costs Jaime Sommers an eye, an ear, an arm and both legs, her surgeon boyfriend replaces them with bionic limbs. Jaime struggles to integrate her new body into her life, while fending off attacks from a rogue Bionic Woman. Air date 26 September 2007.

Paradise Lost – The mysterious deaths of an entire town full of people draw the still-untrained Jaime and a field agent into conflict with a band of mercenaries. Air date 3 October 2007.

Sisterhood – Sarah Corvus, the first Bionio Woman, appeals to Jaime for help. Jaime is assigned to babysit a diplomat’s daughter, who is too much for her to handle. Air date 10 October 2007.

Faceoff – Jaime goes to Paraguay to rescue a doctor kidnapped by terrorists, and learns an unpleasant truth about her life expectancy. Air date 17 October 2007.

The Education of Jaime Sommers – Jaime goes undercover at a college to discover who is selling bionic implants to soldiers. She meets her match in another undercover agent. Air date 24 October 2007.

The List – The Berkuts Group teams up with the CIA to find a mole who threatens the secrecy of their agents; Jaime is reunited with a recent flame. Air date 7 November 2007.

Trust Issues – Jaime is assigned to protect a Third World dictator from a sniper with a powerful new weapon., and at the same time must juggle her suspicions of Antony and her deepening relationship with Tom. Air date 14 November 2007.