A prequel to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, this series from the Syfy Channel is set some fifty years before the Cylon revolt that sets off the conflict in Battlestar Galactica. Unlike Battlestar Galactica, there is no precedent to Caprica, it is the wholly original conception of creators Remi Aubuchon and Ronald D. Moore. Moore was the original creative force behind the revival of the series from its 1980s grave, and original 1980s creator Glen A. Larson is credited as a consulting producer on the series.

Disclaimer: I never really saw much of the 21st century version of Battlestar Galactica. I didn’t think it would matter, as the show was advertised as being more or less independent of the original. That turned out not to be the case, as increasing references were made to a history and mythology that were never explained; clearly we were supposed to have known all about these references from viewing BSG. After a few episodes like this, I quit watching; it was like hearing half of a phone conversation. The production values were good, the glimpses at a “twisted” version of our civilization were interesting, and the acting was often top notch. But the plots just never gelled.

Cancelled in January 2011.

These reviews contain spoilers.


Pilot – When a terrorist attack kills Daniel Graystone’s daughter Zoe, he uses his resources in his robotics corporation to bring her consciousness back. Needing a special processor, he enlists the aid of Josef Adama, who lost a daughter in the same attack. Airdate 22 January 2010.

Rebirth – Zoe struggles to integrate into her new life. Airdate 29 January 2010

Reins of a Waterfall – Daniel tries to deal with the fallout from his wife’s public speech, and Adama vows revenge on the

Graystones. Airdate 5 February 2010

Gravedancing – The Graystones go on global late-night talk show to try to recover their family’s reputation; the Adamas plot to live up to the Tauron code of vengeance. Airdate 19 February 2010