Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

This series has been described, pretty accurately, as Lost in space. Eight men and women on a spaceship, with a mysterious mission, weird goings-on, a lurking menace, and all of it replete with flashbacks, love triangles, and a worldwide audience a la Truman Show. A summer series from ABC by way of Canadian TV; personally, I’m just glad to see a space ship on network TV. De facto cancelled after 8 episodes by ABC, which has not scheduled any airdates for the final three episodes.

Pilot – Eight men and women, with tangled emotional relationships, are launched into space on the Antares to explore the solar system. Flashbacks reveal that some of them have pregnancy issues, former disasters in their past, and other secrets.

Threshold – The crew of the Antares seems to be changing so that their DNA matches one another. Meanwhile, backstories continue to be filled in, with less light than heat shed on our heroes.

Rubicon – As the Antares approaches the point of no return on their mission to Venus, the crew does some self-assessment.

Love, Honor, Obey – The crew tries to figure out what damage the Halos did, and the Beta reveals itself.