Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour

Adapted from British television, this CBS series features the investigations of Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell) and his FBI handler, Rachel Young (Marley Shelton). Their mission: to head off “abuses of science”. The show is well funded, well written, superbly acted and backed by super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, on a major network. So why am I worried? Because it’s very, very similar to several other genre shows that cross science fiction with procedurals: The X-Files, Chuck, and Fringe come to mind.

Cancelled due to low ratings, May 2009. This series never did rise above the pack; it had great potential but nothing special in the way of storylines.


Resurrection – Hood and Young race to save the life of a young pregnant woman who may be a victim of an experiment in human cloning. Airdate 9 October 2008.

Cardiac – Why are young teens dropping like flies of heart attacks? Hood suspects genetically modified food may be at fault. Airdate 16 October 2008.