NBC ventures into the fantasy genre with this combination of police procedural and fractured fairy tales. Detective Nick Burkhardt is part of a family/cult/clan called “Grimms”, whose job is to profile and even combat monsters that live under human guise in our world. The basic premise is that the Brothers Grimm, of folk and fairy tale reknown, were actually just profilers; their work was not fiction. The execution of this show is its best feature: superb location in the Pacific Northwest, spooky lighting, just enough humor to lighten the, er, grim mood. The main character is good, but his sidekick, the Big Bad Wolf, is even better. This is must-see TV for me.


Pilot – Portland detective Nick Burkhardt learns that there are real monsters in the world when girls in red hooded sweaters begin disappearing, and his dying aunt Marie tells him the truth about his family heritage. Airdate 28 October 2011

Bears Will be Bears – What looks like a routine breaking-and-entering case develops sinister overtones when Nick realizes the house holds a clan of bears with ancient, savage rites. Airdate 4 November 2011

Beeware – A flash mob results in a homicide due to anaphylactic shock, and Nick uncovers a bizarre link between his case and his Aunt’s death. Airdate 11 November 2011.

The Three Bad Wolves – An arson case involves Eddie Monroe, and threatens to expose his more savage side. Airdate 18 November 2011.

Lonelyhearts – Why have so many women been disappearing? Nick asks Eddie to get involved in the case, as he faces the angry friend of someone he killed. Airdate 18 November 2011

Danse Macabre – Airdate 25 November 2011

Let Down Your Hair – Airdate 2 December 2011.