A re-imagining of the 1980s miniseries, this ABC scripted series follows the arrival of mysterious alien “Visitors”, who claim to have stopped by Earth for a cup of water and are amazed and delighted to find intelligent life. Most of humanity seems to accept them at face value, but FBI agent Erica Evans and some friends begin to suspect that they are not as friendly as they claim.

This show debuted to good numbers and then lost its audience rather rapidly.


Pilot – Mysterious alien visitors arrive in huge spaceships that hover over several dozen of the world’s most populous cities, as their friendly inhabitants claim to be “for peace, always”. Airdate 3 November 2009

There Is No Normal Anymore – Erica and Father Jack begin to form an alliance against the Visitors, even as Tyler gets sucked into the youth movement sponsored by the aliens. Airdate 10 November 2009

A Bright New Day – The Visitors have signed treaties and been granted entry into the USA. But some people, including the widow of a pilot killed by a V ship, raise objections. Meanwhile, Erica and Father jack try to balance their clandestine investigation against Erica’s duties, a situation made more difficult when Erica is ordered to find whoever has been making death threats against the Visitors. Airdate 17 November 2009.

Only the Beginning – The Visitors open medical centers offering free cures for diseases currently considered terminal on Earth, but Erica and Father Jack discover a deadly link between the medical centers and the swine flu outbreak. Airdate 24 November 2009.

The Arrival – Not really a regular season episode, this was a clip show designed to re-acquaint viewers with the events of the series, which had been on hiatus for four months. Airdate 23 March 2010.

Welcome to the War – Erica and the fledgling Fifth Column decide to recruit a professional for help, though he may bring them into even more danger. Airdate 30 March 2010

Pound of Flesh – Anna announces a new program to have some humans stay on the 29 alien ships. Tyler learns a new secret about his mother. Airdate 6 April 2010

John May – The Resistance tries to locate the legendary John May, who may have founded the Fifth Column years ago. One of the team members chooses self-sacrifice to save the team from exposure. Airdate 13 April 2010.

We Can’t Win – When Anna proposes to donate alien technology to the world, the Resistance goes along to keep an eye on her motives. Meanwhile, Ryan’s pregnant fiancee hides from him, trying to protect her baby. Airdate 20 April 2010.

Heretic’s Fork – Ryan tells Val he’s a V, and Chad allows the Visitors to treat his aneurism. Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes track down a traitor to protect the identities of Fifth Columnists. Airdate 27 April 2010

Hearts and Minds – The Fifth Column decides to shoot down a V shuttle containing trackers, but the plan backfires. Anna invites Tyler to join the Live Aboard program, and Chad quizzes Father Jack about the Fifth Column. Airdate 4 May 2010

Fruition – When Lisa appears to be the victim of a mugging, Anna turns world opinion her way by threatening to leave Earth. The Fifth Column tries to find and then protect a scientist who may have found a weapon against the Visitors. Airdate 11 May 2010.

Red Sky – Val goes into labor. Erica gets herself invited to the Mothership for dinner, but her real mission is to find and destroy the V soldiers before they can hatch. Airdate 18 May 2010


Red Rain – Anna unleashes a blood-colored rain on the Earth, triggering panic and riots. Chad seeks to join the Resistance, Ryan is desperate to save his baby, and Erica is looking for a good scientist. Airdate 4 January 2011.

Serpent’s Tooth – Anna faces down her mother Diana in the Mothership while Erica has Tyler’s blood analyzed.

Laid Bare – Erica finds that the Vs have infiltrated her own unit at work and works to try to keep Anna from discovering her ties to the Resistance