This show debuted in the Fall of 2007, and followed a Los Angeles vampire who moonlights as a detective. Along the way he must deal with his growing feelings for a mortal woman, reporter Beth Turner, whom he rescued as a child. Created by Ron Koslow, who brought us the magnificent Beauty and the Beast back in the Nineties, this was more romantic fantasy than action series. It started out fairly weak, but after the first few weeks settled down into an increasingly intense thriller. The romance angle won out over the vampire antics, to the apparent disappointment of some viewers (not this one) who were expecting/dreading a remake of Angel or Forever Knight.

The series struggled against mighty odds. The pilot was entirely recast, with the exception of Alex O’Loughlin, after it was shot and the series was sold. Three different showrunners came through its revolving doors, and the writers came and went almost as quickly. The WGA strike shut down production in October 2007, and before the last four episodes aired, creator Ron Koslow was shown the door in what were called “creative differences”. The network bitched constantly about the cost of the series (what?). In spite of all this, the buzz in Hollywood was that CBS would renew this show, especially since the last four episodes absolutely rocked. So it came as a terrific shock when, in fact, CBS cancelled the show. The usual futile “Save our Show” fan sites sprung up, and continued to hound CBS long after the sets were dismantled and the talent was released.

There’s No Such Thing as Vampires (Pilot) – Mick St. John, a vampire and private investigator working in modern Los Angeles, teams up with reporter Beth Turner to find out who is killing young women and making it look like a vampire did it. Mick is drawn to her, but desperately tries to hide the fact that he is a vampire. Meanwhile, Mick’s friend Josef, also a vampire, sees Beth as a threat to the secrecy and survival of the vampire community. Air date 28 September 2007.

Out of the Past – A killer whom Mick helped send to prison many years ago is released, and plots his revenge on Mick. He knows that Mick is a vampire, but Beth still does not. Air date 5 October 2007.

Dr. Feelgood – Mick and Beth hunt down a newly “Turned” vampire who is recklessly killing people all over Los Angeles. Air date 12 October 2007.

Fever – While rescuing a fleeing witness in an important case, Mick and the witness are stranded in the desert, where the intense sunlight weakens Mick to the point of death. Mick and Beth share a very intimate and important moment that changes the nature of their relationship. Air date 19 October 2007.

Arrested Development – Mick and Beth track down a vampire who preys on prostitutes. They also try to come to terms with their growing attraction to one another. Air date 26 October 2007.

B.C. – Someone is selling a “vampire drug” in Los Angeles, and Mick and Beth track it down. The trail leads to Mick’s vampire friend Josef and a secret out of his past. Air date 2 November 2007.

The Ringer – A fire in Hollywood wakes memories of Coraline’s death in Mick, and he finds a striking resemblance between a woman he is working with and his dead vampire wife.

12:04 A.M. – Mick agrees to help guard a young woman targeted by a cult. Air date 16 November 2007.

Fleur de Lis – Mick and Morgan team up to prevent a murder, and Beth launches her own private investigation into Morgan’s past. Air date 23 November 2007.

Sleeping Beauty – When a dying man with a long-standing vendetta puts a hit out on Josef, Mick discovers a secret his best friend has kept from him for over 40 years and the real reason Josef believes Mick and Beth can never work. Air date 14 December 2007.

Love Lasts Forever – While working on a case against one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in LA, Josh is kidnaped and Beth pleads with Mick to save him. Airdate 11 January 2007.

The Mortal Cure – Mick’s dream of becoming human again is within reach when he uncovers Coraline’s secret, but the answers come with a steep price. Meanwhile, still angry with Mick, Beth must deal with some heartbreaking news alone. Airdate 18 January 2008.

Fated to Pretend – Mick and Beth investigate the murder of a friend, a murder which implicates Josef. Mick has trouble adjusting to mortal life again. Air date 25 April 2008

Click – Mick is hired to protect a starlet from papparazi, and Beth answers questions from an increasingly suspicious Assistant DA. Air date 2 May 2008

What’s Left Behind – When a young boy is kidnapped, Mick wonders if there is a family connection. He confronts his own feelings about families, and what he has left behind. Air date 9 May 2008

Sonata – When a human is killed during human/vampire sex, Mick and Beth confront the obstacles that keep them from expressing their love. A rogue vampire threatens the security of the entire vampire community. Air date 16 May 2008 Series Finale