New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam

A Dutch soldier in New Amsterdam, circa 1647, saves the life of a Native American shaman and is rewarded with eternal youth, at least until he finds his soulmate. Now John Amsterdam spends his days chasing death as a homicide investigator in New York, while looking for “The One”, the woman who will grant him mortality.

The producers claimed, with straight faces, that they’d never heard of “Highlander: The Series” before going ahead with this production. These reviews contain spoilers.

Pilot – John Amsterdam meets his new partner, Eva Marquez, on the same day that he suffers a fatal heart attack. Resurrected, he goes looking for the woman whose presence brought his death, even as he solves the murder of a beautiful young woman in a Manhattan apartment. Aired 4 March 2008.

Golden Boy – The story of a gifted young student’s life and murder entwines with John’s relationship with some of his descendants. Lots of back story. Aired 6 March 2008.

Soldier’s Heart – A homeless vet “confesses” to killing the psychiatrist who was treating him, but John doesn’t believe him. Calling on his own experience in the Civil War, he pursues an alternate theory of the crime. Aired 10 March 2008.

Honor – A series of rapes and murders reminds John of a painful incident in his past. Sara consents to a date and things between her and John start heating up. Aired 17 March 2008.

Keep the Change – John helps a homeless man investigate the mysterious “overdose” deaths of another homeless man and a rock star. Sara presses John for “the truth” about his past. Aired 24 March 2008.

Legacy – John investigates the death of a young man who may be his own descendant, and faces the consequences of his past treatment of his loved ones. Aired 31 March, 2008.

Reclassified – John’s first partner and mentor on the Force asks him to help close a final case. Air date 7 April 2008

Love Hurts – A drowning victim leads Eva and John to a “dating” ring linked to some high-profile robberies. Meanwhile, John struggles with the realization that his recent gunshot wound calls into question Sara Dillane’s status as “The One”. – Air date 14 April 2008 Season Finale