Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

MTV revives a franchise from the 80s with this remake of the Michael J. Fox hit. Scott McCall wanders into the woods one night with a friend and is bitten by a werewolf. As he struggles to accomodate himself to this new world, he must also face the same issues as any teenager: athletics, grades and sex.


Wolf Moon – Scott McCall is bitten by a werewolf and begins to experience bizarre changes. Airdate 5 June 2011

Second Chance at a First Line – Scott begins to use his powers to wow his coach and teammates on the lacrosse field, but still cannot control his reactions. Airdate 6 June 2011

Pack Mentality – Scott seeks answers from Derek but learns that Derek is not as much of a threat as another, unknown werewolf. Airdate 13 June 2011

Magic Bullet – There’s a new hunter in town, and when Derek is shot it’s up to Scott and Stiles to find a way to save him. Airdate 20 June 2011

The Tell – Jackson begins to suffer the effects of Derek’s scratch; the werewolf hunter stalks a mystery animal in the high school parking lot. Airdate 27 June 2011

Heart Monitor – As Stiles attempts to train Scott to control his change, Allison discovers a lost werewolf legend. Airdate 4 July 2011.