Terra Nova

Terra Nova

Fox’s latest partnership with Steven Spielberg brings us a cross between Little House on the Prairie and Jurassic Park. A 21st century family volunteers to travel 85 million years into the past to escape the ravages of a dying Eartt, only to meet new challenges in an “unspoiled” world full of predators, unknown diseases, and human treachery. Cancelled after the first season, probably due to a shortage of dinosaurs.

Genesis – Pilot. The Shannon family joins the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers on a one-way trip into an alternate timeline, where dinosaurs roam and new beginnings await. It does not take long, however, for the family to learn that all is not as idyllic as it seems. Airdate 26 September 2011.

Instinct – When swarms of pterosaurs attack the colony, Shannon and Taylor join forces to protect it; meanwhile, Elizabeth meets an old flame. Airdate 3 October 2011

What Remains – Why has a nearby outpost gone silent? When a team investigates, they discover a virus that causes memory loss. Airdate 10 October 2011

The Runaway – Is the orphan seeking their help really what she seems to be? Or is there a secret conspiracy at work? Airdate 17 October 2011

Bylaw – The first murder in the colony challenges Jim’s cop background as well as his loyalty to Taylor. Airdate 31 October 2011

Nightfall – A meteor creates an electronic pulse that wipes out all electric devices in the colony, including weapons and shields. Mira uses the opportunity to attack Terra Nova with a novel weapon. Airdate 7 November 2011

Proof – Maddy begins an apprenticeship with a noted scientist; Josh continues to deal with the colony’s enemies to get his girlfriend to Terra Nova. Airdate 14 November 2011.

Vs. – Taylor continues to search for the Sixer mole in his colony. Jim discovers an old crime, and the chief suspect is Taylor himself. Airdate 21 November 2011.