The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

I wasn’t sure I was going to watch any of this show past the pilot. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that this is as much Greek tragedy as it is low-budget gorefest. This series, based on a graphic novel, garnered such high reviews in its first outing that it was renewed shortly after the second episode aired.

Although my patience ran out after Shane was killed off, I maintained an interest in zombie apocalypses, which eventually led to my inclusion in a zombie short story anthology. If you want to read a story set in the comic that started the whole zombiepocalypse meme, you can check it out in the Deadworld anthology from Riverdale Avenue Books.


Days Gone Bye – Pilot. Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes is shot during a chase and wakes up weeks later in a deserted hospital, in a world overrun by zombies. Airdate 31 October 2010.

Guts – Rick is trapped in a department store in Atlanta with several other survivors. Airdate 7 November 2010

Tell It to the Frogs – Rick and the other survivors escape to a refugee camp and are reunited with loved ones, but their consciences bother them about a man they left behind. Airdate 14 November 2010

Vatos – While searching for his missing guns and a missing man, Rick and his team encounter a gang of survivors who challenge them for turf rights. Airdate 21 November 2010

Wildfire – One of the refugees is bitten in a fight with the zombies, and the camp is divided over whether to seek help for him or abandon him to his fate. Airdate 28 November 2010.

TS-19 – At the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Rick and the others find that the lone remaining researcher is not necessarily as benevolent as he may appear. Season finale. Airdate 5 December 2010.


What Lies Ahead – Season One begins with a lost girl, an accidental shooting, and a zombie herd. Airdate 16 October 2011.

Bloodletting – The group finds a remote farm where survivalists have holed up against the zombie apocalypse, while Dale deals with T-Dog and the others still look for Sophia. Airdate 23 October 2011.

Save the Last One – Racing against the clock to find the drugs that will save Carl’s life, Shane is driven to a horrific, tragic decision. Airdate 30 October 2011