The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Zombies aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure I was going to watch any of this show past the pilot. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that this is as much Greek tragedy as it is low-budget gorefest. This short mini-series, based on a graphic novel, garnered such high reviews in its first outing that it was renewed shortly after the second episode aired.


Days Gone Bye – Pilot. Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes is shot during a chase and wakes up weeks later in a deserted hospital, in a world overrun by zombies. Airdate 31 October 2010.

Guts – Rick is trapped in a department store in Atlanta with several other survivors. Airdate 7 November 2010

Tell It to the Frogs – Rick and the other survivors escape to a refugee camp and are reunited with loved ones, but their consciences bother them about a man they left behind. Airdate 14 November 2010

Vatos – While searching for his missing guns and a missing man, Rick and his team encounter a gang of survivors who challenge them for turf rights. Airdate 21 November 2010

Wildfire – One of the refugees is bitten in a fight with the zombies, and the camp is divided over whether to seek help for him or abandon him to his fate. Airdate 28 November 2010.

TS-19 – At the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Rick and the others find that the lone remaining researcher is not necessarily as benevolent as he may appear. Season finale. Airdate 5 December 2010.


What Lies Ahead – Season One begins with a lost girl, an accidental shooting, and a zombie herd. Airdate 16 October 2011.

Bloodletting – The group finds a remote farm where survivalists have holed up against the zombie apocalypse, while Dale deals with T-Dog and the others still look for Sophia. Airdate 23 October 2011.

Save the Last One – Racing against the clock to find the drugs that will save Carl’s life, Shane is driven to a horrific, tragic decision. Airdate 30 October 2011

Cherokee Rose – Hershel asks the survivors not to carry firearms on his land. The survivors find their water source is contaminated, while Maggie and Glenn go to town for supplies. Airdate – 6 November 2011

Chupacabra – Glenn has figured out Lori’s secret, and she swears him to silence. Hershel increasingly resents the intrusions of Rick’s group on his territory. Daryl is lost, wounded and alone. Airdate 13 November 2011.

Secrets – Airdate 20 November 2011.

Pretty Much Dead Already – Airdate 27 November 2011