This show debuted in the Fall of 2007, and follows a San Francisco reporter named Dan Vasser, who finds himself yanked backwards into the past at random and unpredictable intervals. While dealing with the fallout in his personal and professional life of his sudden disappearances, he must somehow figure out what his mission in the past is. Among the complications that ensue is a reunion with a long-dead lover.

Reviews were first posted at SFScope, then here one week later. I have, for the time being, suspended reviews of this show. It just didn’t get any better, and week after week I was having to force myself to watch. If it improves in the future, I may come back to it, but frankly it’s just too boring to watch now. The producers have mistaken confusion for complexity. Too bad, because I really loved the fact that it was shot in my favorite city, San Francisco.

Pilot – Dan Vasser is jerked forward and backward in time, without warning, causing chaos in his work and family life. He must somehow figure out why this is happening, and who he is supposed to ‘track’ in the past. He is stunned to find a dead lover alive and well in the past. Air date 24 September 2007.

Friendly Skies – Dan is pulled right off of an airliner in flight to help a woman in the past give birth on a plane. But she’s not the real ‘target’ of his mission. Air date 1 October 2007.

Game Three – Dan travels back to the day of the Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco, and desperately tries to warn the authorities of the looming disaster. Air date 8 October 2007.

Year of the Rabbit – While preparing to co-host a charity event with wife Katie, Dan is transported back to 1995 to help a woman on a blind date. Air date 15 October 2007.