The Listener

The Listener

This summer replacement series from Canada starred Craig Olejnik as a paramedic who can hear other people’s thoughts. Seems like real telepaths always work blue-collar jobs (see True Blood)Cancelled July 16 due to low ratings.


I Am An Adult – In the series pilot, we meet Toby, a young paramedic based in Toronto who can hear other people’s thoughts. When he and his sidekick/partner Oz rescue a woman from a car wreck, only Toby knows there was someone else in the car–a child who is now missing. Airdate 28 May 2009.

Emotional Rescue – Toby rescues a man from a burning building and finds that they were once placed in the same foster home. When the man is accused of arson, Toby sets out to clear him. Airdate 4 June 2009.

Voices in the Dark – A homeless man’s thoughts hold images of a terrified young girl who has been missing for months; to get Oz’s help finding her, he must reveal his secret to his partner. Airdate 11 June 2009.

Some Kind of Love – Toby goes home with a girl from a bar and wakes up to a nightmare. She’s dead and he’s suspected. Airdate 18 June 2009.

Lisa Says – Toby sets out to rescue a teenage boy from street gangs and drug dealers, and possibly a murderer. Airdate 25 June 2009.

Foggy Notion – Toby tries to help the blind sister of a shooting victim in Chinatown, and uncovers a crime boss and a cover-up. Airdate 2 July 2009.

Iris – When a mysterious girl seems to revive a dead baby, Toby goes in search of her, hoping for some answers to his own mysteries. Airdate 9 July 2009.

One Way or Another – Called to the scene of a sexual assault, Toby pulls an image of the attacker out of the victim’s head. Detective Marks is convinced she knows who the attacker is, and asks for Toby’s help.