Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13

This series from Syfy is something of a cross between The X-Files and The Librarian, with more of the latter’s light touch. We have the usual bickering odd couple, this time from the Secret Service rather than the FBI, coupled with a quirky “boss”, who sends them on assignments to retrieve odd, otherworldly artifacts that threaten to Do Bad Things.

In addition to the TV series, SyFy has sponsored a tie-in novel by Greg Cox,Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever. I’ve reviewed it here. (DS NOTE – LINK BROKEN)


Pilot – Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering find themselves assigned to a mysterious warehouse in the middle of South Dakota, under the supervision of the eccentric Artie Nielsen. Their first assignment: find out what mysterious object is causing young people in Iowa to act completely out of character. Airdate 7 July 2009.

Resonance – Pete and Myka investigate a string of bank robberies that apparently involved a song that paralyzes people; Artie investigates a security breach. Airdate 14 July 2009.

Magnetism – A mysterious force is causing three completely disparate people to behave oddly; Artie tracks down a cyber-intrusion into the Warehouse. Airdate 21 July 2009.

Claudia – The mystery hacker breaks into the Warehouse and kidnaps Artie, to force him to help her re-create an experiment that went horribly awry twelve years ago. Airdate 28 July 2009.

Elements – A secret cave under Manhattan holds four Native American artifacts that will grant their holder unlimited power–unless Myka and Pete can stop him first. Airdate 4 August 2009.

Burnout – An explosion in a bank reveals the mummified corpse of a former Warehouse agent, and Pete and Myka’s investigation leads them to a very old weapon. Airdate 11 August 2009.

Implosion – While searching for a Japanese artifact of great antiquity, Myka and Pete come across evidence linking Artie to an act of treason, and meet an enemy agent. Airdate 18 August 2009

Duped – While searching for an Artifact that makes two gamblers phenomenally lucky, Pete begins to suspect that all is not quite right with Myka. Airdate 25 August 2009.

Regrets – Pete and Myka are trapped in a prison during a thunderstorm, and there encounter revenants from their past. Airdate 1 September 2009.

Breakdown – Artie is called to account for his supervision of the Warehouse, and while he’s gone Claudia, Pete and Myka are trapped in several Artifacts. Airdate 8 September 2009.

Nevermore – A quill pen and a book from a famous horror writer threaten the life of Myka’s father. Airdate 15 September 2009.

MacPherson – Season finale. A final showdown with arch-nemesis MacPherson will bring the Warehouse crew to crisis point. Airdate 22 September 2009.


Time Will Tell – MacPherson escapes and Mrs. Frederic winds up in the hospital after a car crash. Airdate 6 July 2010

Mild Mannered – A vigilante in Detroit seems to be a character right out of a comic book. Airdate 13 July 2010

Beyond Our Control – The townspeople who live closest to the Warehouse begin seeing strange visions. Can an artifact be stashed in the Warehouse’s own front yard? Airdate 20 July 2010

Age Before Beauty – Supermodels! Catwalks! Fashion! Can it be that Myka gets to glam up for a case? Airdate 27 July 2010

13.1 – A crossover episode with Douglas from Eureka, who is sent to update the Warehouse’s computer system. Naturally, it goes haywire. Airdate 3 August 2010

Around the Bend – Is there a traitor in the Warehouse? Pete goes on a solo mission to find out. Airdate 10 August 2010

For the Team – On Claudia’s first mission, she and Myka try to find the source of apparent spontaneous combustion among some athletes at a school. Airdate 17 August 2010

Merge with Caution – Pete and Myka accidentally swap bodies; Artie falls under a temptress’s spell and only Claudia can free him. Airdate 24 August 2010.

Vendetta – An old colleague of Artie’s is murdered with an artifact, and the case brings Katie Logan back to the Warehouse. Airdate 31 August 2010

Where and When – H. G. Wells actually built a time machine, but it doesn’t work the way it did in her book. Myka and Pete must use it to solve a 50 year old mystery. Airdate 7 September 2010

Buried – Some student tourists in Egypt unwittingly uncover an old Warehouse, endangering Mrs. Frederick’s mental health and sending the Warehouse team on a quick trip to the sands of Alexandria. Airdate 14 September 2010

Reset – H. G. Wells reveals her true colors and her real agenda in the deserts of Egypt. 21 September 2010

Secret Santa – A Very Special Episode airing just for the holiday season. Pete and Myka hunt down a Santa who is threatening a busy executive, while Claudia plots to reunite Artie with his father. Airdate 7 December 2010.


The New Guy – Artie and Claudia meet a human lie detector while rescuing a rock legend’s guitar; Pete struggles to continue as an agent without Myka. Airdate 11 July 2011

Trials – Myka returns — on probation — while Claudia leads her first independent investigation. Airdate 18 July 2011

Love Sick – In Salt Lake City, an “artifact outbreak” is turning people into clay. Artie and Claudia investigate — and Artie finds himself reunited with an old flame. Airdate 25 July 2011

Queen for a Day – Airdate 1 August 2011

Don’t Hate the Player – The team answers an SOS from Doug Fargo (Eureka), but find themselves trapped in a video game. Airdate 15 August 2011

Past Imperfect – The past haunts Myaka as she tracks down the man who shot her partner Sam years ago. Airdate 22 August 2011

The 40th Floor – Someone is targeting the Warehouse Regents, and only Pete, Myka and Artie can stop them. Airdate 29 August 2011

Shadows – Regent Jane and Pete use an Artifact to travel into the past to discover the identity of the Warehouse’s enemy. Airdate 5 September 2011

Insatiable – Zombies! What starts out looking like a case of vampirism turns into something entirely different, as an artifact from the Donner Party threatens to permanently end Pete and Myka’s friendship. Airdate 12 September 2011

Emily Lake/Stand – Tragedy strikes the Warehouse 13 team as a sting operation goes bad, and the Warehouse’s deadliest enemy strikes a fatal blow.Two-part Season 3 Finale. Airdate 3 October 2011.