The Night When “Frankenstein” Was Born

Cover of "Outcasts: A Novel of Mary Shelley"

Dear Reader: This is to introduce my latest novel, Outcasts: A Novel of Mary Shelley. June of this year marks the 200th anniversary of “Frankenstein”, which has not been out of print for two centuries, and has spawned (heh) a host of related works. The girl who conceived him may have been a contemporary of Jane Austen, but she was about as far from that world as it is possible to get. Mary Shelley was a 19th century hippie: a practitioner of free love, an atheist, a feminist, an anti-war protestor and vegetarian—she broke all the rules. Outcasts is about…

The X-Files: My Struggle II

Far from abandoning his vision, Chris Carter has expanded on it. Where, after all, can he go with the convoluted mess that the original conspiracy theory came to be? He has two choices: go forward, or go backward. Go big, or go home.

The X-Files: “Babylon”

Tonight’s episode of The X-Files reminds us that Chris Carter has always broken barriers, crossed boundaries, and generally colored outside the lines when it comes to Fox Mulder, even if those are lines he drew himself.

The X-Files: “Home Again”

This may be the finest hour of The X-Files that Glen Morgan ever wrote, and that’s saying a lot. Layer on layer of meaning, a rich tiramisu of a story that gives us the blend of horror, pathos and poignancy he does so very well.

FOGCon schedule, March 12-13, 2016

  FOGCon! Yay! This is a small but intense local con, focusing on literary science fiction and fantasy, held every year in Walnut Creek, California. This year the con is at the Walnut Creek Marriott hotel. The theme is “Transformations”, and with a new novel (Outcasts: A Novel of Mary Shelley) about the writing of Frankenstein coming out in a couple of months, this is the perfect con for me! I will be here all weekend at FOGCon in Walnut Creek, either on panels, book signings, heckling panelists from the back row, or hanging around the dealers’ room trying to…